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Some birds are just dumb

We know we don't have the original barn here any longer, even though there is a 4 stall horse barn behind the stone house. There are still 2 cisterns behind the house as well and a rusty water pump that I'd dearly love to restore. The hard part is going to be picking which project will float to the top of the list as we determine what we can afford to do.
I'm thinking at this point that, though I'd love to have the basement done first — giving me the kitchen I'd really like to have — I might just be searching out someone do the chimney to the fireplace in our master bedroom. I'm getting just a bit tired of the birds that are stupid enough to get stuck behind the board that covers the opening.

Thankfully the previous owner had fitted a nicely framed board into the fireplace in the bedroom and livingroom otherwise we might have sparrows flitting around inside the house while we are all at work and school! The flapping wings, the chirping at 2 in the morning. I haven't worked out a reasonable way to get them out of there either. I'm not up for having the blasted things flapping and flopping all over my bedroom if I pull that large fitted board away from the fireplace.

Drat, the stupid thing is chirping again, probably due to it being night and the fact that I have a light on in the room. So, off with the light.

The chimney to the bedroom is the shortest chimney, internally, on the house since the fireplace is on the second floor. Hopefully that means it will be the least expensive overall to have cleaned, lined and capped to keep the pesky birds out of my bedroom!