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What source(s) do you rely on for Mac software info?

It’s pretty inevitable that people develop varied working methods. Hence, one application doesn’t suit everyone equally. I find direct reviews of individual applications useful to a point. However, I’m finding more and more that there are quite a number of applications aimed at managing or enabling the same tasks — launchers, text editing, html/css/web creation and so on. So my question is this: Are there any definitive sources of comparisons for software meant to handle the same task?
Some reviews published by MacWorld offer comparisons or mention other individual apps in the review of a product, by way of comparing features (or lack thereof). There are likely others I've not come across. There are some nice Wikipedia pages popping up. One in particular provides a comparison for HTML editors, which I’ve mentioned elsewhere in my blogs. I've actually begun to gather a list of "Comparison of" pages from Wikipedia that I might post sometime soon. What I can’t seem to find though are enough outright feature comparisons for a group of similar apps. So, “see a need, fill a need” to quote the movie Robots (I have a 5 year old son, hence I have memorized most or all of the dialogue from about a dozen animated feature length films).

Let me know if there's some miraculous source I've not managed to ferret out. I'd really love to know — these things are really, truly time consuming not to mention the space it eats up on the hard drive. Winking