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Mac Application Uninstallers... What I left out and why

I came across a number of applications that seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted — uninstall unused / unwanted apps from my Mac system. Those that "made the cut" are in the uninstallers comparison chart. There are a few that came close but I didn't include them.
The first one that probably comes to mind for folks is Spring Cleaning. This app has so many more features than just a simple uninstaller that I felt it would be better reserved for a comparison of more comprehensive utility suite apps.

One that almost stayed on the list was Application Annihilator but it isn't a Universal app and was lacking a bit in features and UI. It might work well for someone staying with older versions of the Mac OS though. A couple of others, though categorized as uninstallers were really secure deletion tools that don't really do the same thing as cleaning up an app and all it's constituent bits from your system.

Another that does something useful but isn't quite for this comparison is OmniDiskSweeper. This one roots out the really large files on your system to see what is really gobbling up all that precious hard drive space.

I've probably again missed someone's favorite app. If you know of another that should really be on the chart, drop me a comment.