The dilemma... which software to compare next | Macintosh Software, Software Comparisons

The dilemma... which software to compare next

I should know better than to ask. Now that I have some suggestions for comparing Mac software beyond the list I generated for myself I'm in avoidance mode. A couple suggestions I just don't want to add to the list. A couple would be great to do but mighty time consuming.
So, now I have to decide. If I'm going to remain serious about this venture I need to pick a category and get rolling on the next table. I'm trying to decide between application launchers and mail archivers (which is a logical follow-on to the organizers since there was at least one that's in both categories). Winking

I've already run into a couple snags with launchers I've loaded and I'm talking to at least one developer to pin down an issue with a launcher on my MacBook Pro (incidentally, the app works beautifully on my dual G5 tower which is why I'm disconcerted that it doesn't quite work on the Intel laptop).

I'm hoping, with a little leeway over a holiday weekend, that I'll be able to get through most of the testing, if not the formatting and reporting. A lofty goal to shoot for might be a monthly review with some individual reviews or smaller comparisons in-between. Wish me luck with that. I'll need it. (-: