Ah the Fine Weather, the Gardens... | Heirloom Gardening, The Antique House

Ah the Fine Weather, the Gardens...

It's terribly difficult to stay focused on indoor activities with so much going on around the yard. Flowers in bloom, things still to be planted and berries, oh the berries!
When we bough this house I wandered the gardens and noted that there are quite a few, at last count 7, wild stands of black raspberry. There are also about 3-4 stands of blackberry. The blueberry bush is loaded again this season as well and we've added 3 more that were moved from a spot at my folks house because they weren't doing very well there. Next season, if all the blueberry bushes survive, will be a challenge for picking!

Yesterday was the most abundant yet from the black raspberries, easily 2.5 pints. The blueberry bush offered up just shy of a pint of flavorful dime sized berries. It's in the high 80'sF here at the moment and I'm about to brave the humidity to see how many berries are yielded today. It's really hard to concentrate on computers and software when there's so much to do in the gardens. (-: