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Macintosh Application Uninstallers

At long last, the next comparison is ready to post. Before suggesting you try out more apps for yourself, to make the final decision about which one works for you before buying, I thought I should compare uninstallers so you can get rid of the unwanted apps you test.
If you've participated in any of a bunch of shareware sites or bundled software events that have been available over the last 8-10 months you may already have a copy of the popular AppZapper. If not, you may find one of the apps in the accompanying chart useful to help clean out some dead wood from your applications folder (or even some unused Widgets you may have tried out).

There are a few others on the market, some more expensive, that I've left off the list. You can refer to my what I left out and why post to see which ones those are. They may prove to be of interest to you but didn't quite fit into this particular comparison for one reason or another.

I have dueling apps once again, as I have a license to CleanApp in addition to AppZapper. I like the fact that CleanApp tracks an installation of software packages making it that much easier to find the bits and pieces that are strewn about the hard drive during an install.

A few of these are free, which is great for your budget. AppCleaner, AppDelete & uApp fall into that category. AppTrap is donationware, so it's ostensibly free, but if you find it useful it's always a good thing to send at least a little money to a dev to help them continue to be able to support and improve their app.

There are three under $15 - AppZapper, CleanApp and the intriguing Liberer, which does so much more than just help you uninstall apps that it might be worth a look for it's other features as well.

The final two in the chart are the more expensive ones: Uninstaller and Yank.

All-in-all it's a nice selection of applications with a reasonably broad variety of feature sets that you should be able to find something that will fit the bill to get rid of unwanted apps from your system. Take a moment to look at the comparison table and see if one them is just the app you've been looking for.